Free Services for Faithful Language School Students

Free Services for Faithful Language School Students

For students who have enrolled at our school for taking Chinese classes we will offer the following free of charge:

1. Assessment of learning style preference, study method and direction of study.

2. We will create a study plan, including general study objective, study objective in FLS, study objective for each semester, teaching style, course materials, teacher of the semester, and customized program content.

3. Mid-term feedback: Primary teacher will communicate with the student on the progress and effect of their study, and discuss the plan for the remaining half of the semester.

4. Students can attend free lectures about “how to study Chinese language and how to study Chinese characters.”

5. Student can have a free assessment for their Chinese level and receive evaluation on their language learning process.

6. Issue certificate of completion.

7. Student can receive a study record that includes the study plan and goals, concrete feedback on the student's learning throughout the various stages, and an assessment of language level with recommendations for further language and culture study.

8. At your request, we will email you some free resources for study.

9. Student may borrow books from the FITC library.

10. Students may use student beverage corner (water and tea provided).