Intensive Listening Training

Intensive Linstening Training

Intensive Listening Training

This Course is offered with a view to develop overseas Chinese language learners' language skill and communicative competence, used for either long-term language study or short-term learning. It is designed with three levels: Primary Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level, each containing 15 lessons, altogether 45 lessons. The text content selects materials from real life situations, covering a variety of aspects, presenting all kinds of pictures of foreign students' real life in China, using typical spoken language. Words, expressions and sentence structure are customized to foreign students' actual need. Words learned in the classroom may be practiced immediately in real life, therefore building up learner's confidence effectively.

Benefits of Studying at Faithful

  1. Our teachers are professionally trained and specifically selected to complement your learning style. They are regularly trained to improve their skills and knowledge so that we can maintain our standard of excellence.

  2. In consultation with our students we are able to design the best language study program for each student and this also gives them confidence in achieving their language goals.

  3. We provide a relaxed learning atmosphere and flexible class time tables.

  4. Our unique approach to great Chinese language acquisition is to include our superior Chinese Culture class and this is done bilingually. We guarantee your life and work in China will change when you attend these classes.

  5. We are certified to provide you with year round language student visas

  6. We commit to provide you with a service that is unmatched in quality and reduces unnecessary administrative stress on your life.