Condensed Course for Survival Chinese

Condensed Course for Survival Chinese

Most of the lessons are selected from "First Steps in Chinese" and "New Practical Chinese Book 1". The content of lessons is about all daily dialogues which are the most practical and the easiest to remember and use. The purpose is to allow the students who have never had any Chinese learning experience to understand and master daily dialogues within a short time, to be able to use some key sentences to deal with the basic daily conversation, and to grasp basic pronunciation and tones as well.

Benefits of Studying at Faithful

  1. Our teachers are professionally trained and specifically selected to complement your learning style. They are regularly trained to improve their skills and knowledge so that we can maintain our standard of excellence.

  2. In consultation with our students we are able to design the best language study program for each student and this also gives them confidence in achieving their language goals.

  3. We provide a relaxed learning atmosphere and flexible class time tables.

  4. Our unique approach to great Chinese language acquisition is to include our superior Chinese Culture class and this is done bilingually. We guarantee your life and work in China will change when you attend these classes.

  5. We are certified to provide you with year round language student visas

  6. We commit to provide you with a service that is unmatched in quality and reduces unnecessary administrative stress on your life.