Pronunciation Training

Pronunciation Training

The Course is targeted with a goal to develop standard Chinese pronunciation for 

overseas language learners, offered in three levels:

Course Level I: Explaining place of articulation, giving instructions on making vowels and consonants, doing comparison exercises to consolidate pronunciation skills, and combining exercises with interesting class interaction and activities. The aim is to enable overseas learners to pronounce Chinese in a standard way and not to sound "foreign".

Course Level II: Using practical materials from CME textbooks to practice. The aim is to enhance students' fluency, enabling students to grasp the key points during daily conversation, to accurately express their messages, and to learn how to handle a light tone.

Course Level III: Using practical materials from CME textbooks to practice. The aim is enhance students' ability of understanding daily conversation and expressing words with tones indicating various emotions.

Benefits of Studying at Faithful

  1. Our teachers are professionally trained and specifically selected to complement your learning style. They are regularly trained to improve their skills and knowledge so that we can maintain our standard of excellence.

  2. In consultation with our students we are able to design the best language study program for each student and this also gives them confidence in achieving their language goals.

  3. We provide a relaxed learning atmosphere and flexible class time tables.

  4. Our unique approach to great Chinese language acquisition is to include our superior Chinese Culture class and this is done bilingually. We guarantee your life and work in China will change when you attend these classes.

  5. We are certified to provide you with year round language student visas

  6. We commit to provide you with a service that is unmatched in quality and reduces unnecessary administrative stress on your life.