Housing Service

 Housing service – we can help you find and rent an apartment in the Mingdemen Area. The normal fee for renting an apartment through a housing agent will be 50% of one month’s rent. We are able to offer you this service for 35% of one month’s rent.

Working Method

a.       Let us know at least 6 weeks in advance that you want to make use of this service

b.       We will then send you an email with questions about your specific requests for the apartment

c.        We will need to have your specific requests back at least 4 weeks before you want to rent the place

d.       We will agree with you how far in advance of the actual move in date we can reserve the apartment

e.       We will look for a suitable place in cooperation with a housing agent

f.         Once we found a suitable place we will ask you to come over to have a look at it and give your approval

g.       If you don’t approve of the apartment we will clarify your specific requests for an apartment and keep looking for a more suitable one

h.       If you approve of the apartment you will need to pay a deposit of one month’s rent

i.         Around the move in date we will take you to the housing agent to sign the contract and to pay a full year’s rent and fee. The landlord will then give you the keys and different cards (electricity etc.) for the apartment.