Residence Registration with PSB in Xi'an via WeChat

Detailed instructions on how to register with the local police station once you're enrolled in FITC.


Partnership with Huntington TESOL Program

Receive a TESOL certificate or TESOL Master's with FITC's partner Huntington University!


Visit to American Universities by Faithful International Training Center Principal and Academic Dean

Faithful International Training Center Principal Visits 4 American Universities for International Students Chinese Learning programs


Xi’an City Wall Marathon On Nov 2nd 2013 study in xi'an china FITC

Faithful Language School can improve your quality of life in China significantly. Why waste time and money on less effective programs. Come to Faithful now because we will help you achieve dynamic results.


Faithful Language School Spring Semester 2016 Graduation for Students learning Chinese

Faithful Language School spring semester graduation for Chinese language learners (Chinese language study in Xian)