FITC, Professor Jeffrey Sherlock and some Business Consultants visited Tsinghua University's TusStar Start-up Incubator Hub in Xi'an!


On May 28th, FITC, Professor Jeffrey Sherlock from Taylor University and some Business Consultants from the USA and Australia visited Tsinghua University's TusStar Start-up Incubator Hub in the Xi'an High Technology Zone. At TusStar we met with a team of local business Mentors who give up their time and knowledge to mentor students and recent graduates working on various start-up enterprises. 


During our meeting we talked about quite a number of topics associated with Entrepreneurship and Business. Professor Sherlock shared what he has observed as some differences between how the USA and China support and incubate new enterprises. We were very encouraged to see some of the great work that TusStar and the local business mentors team has already been able to achieve. We think many great things are to come from TusStar in future. 


FITC is looking forward to how it may be able to assist with this.

As with some of our other partnerships FITC is seeking to be a bridge enabling international business people and speakers based in Xi’an or visiting to assist Tsinghua University’s TusStar program with their Entrepreneur development programs.  


We look forward to providing mentors and guest speakers to assist with this into the future. If you have a heart for China, are a business person or somebody interested in speaking about business, in a way that will help develop best practices, please contact us here at FITC.


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