Business Training and Mentorship Program for Xian Jiaotong University Students




On May 28th FITC in conjunction with Xi'an Jiao Tong University hosted a talk be Professor Jeffrey Sherlock visiting from Taylor University, titled: Starting a Business? 10 Essential Concepts for Long-Term Success.  The meeting was held in the Jiao Tong’s Entrepreneurial Makers Space. An area set aside for students interested in starting their own enterprises.  About 20 students either in the process of starting their own enterprise or investigating the possibilities attended. Those of us from FITC where greatly encouraged by the calibre of the students that attended and they asked some great questions during the extended questions and answer time.

5月28日,信德国际培训中心与交通大学共同举办,由泰勒大学来访的杰弗瑞·夏洛克教授(Dr. Jeffrey F.sherlock)开讲题为:开始创业?长期成功的十个核心概念的主题报告。本次讲座举办地交通大学创客空间。一个为有意愿开始创业的学生们提供的工作空间。大约20有位正在初创期或对创业感兴趣正在调研的同学进驻。看到创客学生的能力水平和创业热情,信德国际一行商务导师们也很受鼓舞,学生们在讲座后的问答时间也提出了一些很好的问题。

FITC is helping to be a bridge enabling international business people and speakers to assist Xi’an university student business startup and One-Belt-One-Road business activities.  We look forward to providing mentors and guest speakers to assist with this into the future. If you have a heart for China, are a business person or somebody interested in speaking about business, in a way that will help develop best practices, please contact us here at FITC.


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