Partnership Established with Xi'an Jiaotong University on Entrepreneurship and Business Training


Recently Faithful International Training Center has entered into a partnership with Xi’an Jiao Tong Universities Executive Develop Program (EDP). FITC will assist EDP in providing training and mentoring resources for various EDP Belt and Road Initiative, Management Development and Entrepreneur development programs.

FITC is helping to be a bridge enabling international business people and speakers to assist EDP with their Belt and Road Initiative, Management Development and Entrepreneur development programs. 

on May 23 and 24, FITC in conjunction with Jiaotong EDP program held the first two days of a four day training forum for business people. The English translation of the Forum name is Good to Great.   

For this forum we have organised two lecturers from Taylor University, Professor Jefferey Sherlock and Assistant Professor Eric Hernandez, are to be keynote speakers at this four day training event. We hope this project is one of many new projects we undertake together bringing East and Western minds together to imagine a better future for all.

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