Online Chinese Credit Course Program for Taylor University offered by Faithful International Training Center


Faithful International Training Center Online Chinese Credit Course Program for Taylor University



2020622日,由信德国际培训中心主办的交际汉语课程,作为首批美国泰勒大学汉语学分课程(Chinese Language Course)正式上线开课。

On June 22nd 2020, the Communicative Chinese online course started as a credit course for American students from Taylor University.



This credit course aims to provide high quality Chinese language education for American University students as an online option. It is designed to suit American university curriculum with effective teaching from teachers in China.



Based on New Practical Chinese Reader, this course has increased the real life communication, oral Chinese expression, functional vocabulary exercises and interaction between learners and their teachers.



Two American students from Taylor University participated in this course and received 3 language credits from Taylor University.



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